Lexapro Lawsuit

lexapro lawsuit

Lexapro Lawsuits: Do you Qualify?

Lexapro lawsuits refer to the legal cases which fall under the category of Multi district litigations, or more commonly called the MDL’s. The multi-district litigations include a special exclusive legal procedure in which the complex cases are handled quickly and effectively. These include the different product liability lawsuits like the Lexapro lawsuits. Generally, these cases do not have a fixed time limit for settlement. These require some time to litigate. But as compared to the mass tort and the class action lawsuits, these follow a quick and more efficient procedure.

Lexapro belonging to SSRI Class of Drugs

Lexapro is also known as the drug escitalopram. The drug was made by the Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck AG and also sold by them.  It is a prescribed medication which was specifically designed to treat anxiety and depression problems. This was almost similar in composition and effect with the other patented drugs i.e. Celexa which were developed by Lundbeck. And hence it was prepared very quickly in a hasty manner in the year 1997.  Gradually, the Celexa began to expire and Lundbeck started replacing Lexapro with the expired Celexa tablets. Lexapro was legally approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the year 2001. Lexapro is available in the form of 5mg, 10 and 20 mg tablets.

Lexapro Lawsuits and other SSRI’s

Lexapro tends to be a potent member of the anti-depressants, more specifically of the SSRI class. SSRI stands for “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor”. The SSRIs are responsible to prevent the released serotonin from getting absorbed in the human brain. The main function of Serotonin in human body is to maintain the healthy feelings in a person and hence its absorption leads to the rise of negative feelings. SSRIs are found to cause different disorders like somnolence, nausea, sexual side effects etc. And it takes several weeks for the SSRIs to show their effect.

Criteria for filing a Lexapro Lawsuit

Many of the world’s renowned birth defect lawyers have discovered that there are several dangerous birth defects and injuries caused by Lexapro. The Lexapro lawsuit rule states that if you have used the drug Lexapro during your pregnancy and your child is born with any of the birth defects mentioned below, without any hesitation, you may be eligible to file a suit for compensation for your medical bills.

Some of the birth defects and side effects caused by Lexapro

These include child birth, miscarriage, withdrawal symptoms, clubbed foot, cleft palate or cleft lip, delayed development, gastroschisis and the list goes on. Reports have found that about 6% of the pregnant women suffer from instant abortions after consuming Lexapro. The withdrawal symptoms caused by the drug include difficulty in breathing, abnormally low blood sugar, varying body temperatures, signs of jaundice, convulsions, feeding problems, vomiting, irritability, tremors and many more.

The clubbed foot is otherwise called as the Congenital Talipes Equinovarus in medical terms. In this condition, one or both the feet of the new born baby are turned inward at the ankle region. This condition is seen in babies whose mothers have used Lexapro during their gestation period. On the other hand, a cleft lip or palate is formed when the cells or the tissues fail to fuse the baby’s upper lip properly. In other words, the bones in the upper lip region could not join properly because of the negative effects of Lexapro. In such cases, the mother has every right to file a Lexaprone lawsuit and there are many agencies all over with highly professional and well experience lexaprone lawyers to deal with the cases.

Birth Defects that may qualify for a Lexapro Lawsuit

Some other birth defects effects of Lexapro include the enlarged heart condition of the baby in which the baby has abnormally large sized heart which fails to pump blood efficiently, the Gastroschis in which a portion of the baby’s intestine is protruded out of the body. The sad part is that in most cases, the doctors fail to detect it before the birth of the baby. Another very surprising fact is that 60% of the women using Lexapro were seen to deliver babies with PPHN i.e. persistent pulmonary Hypertension.

As stated by medical sources, the infants born from mothers having Lexapro in their blood tend to suffer from Left outflow tract disorder. In this disorder, the child is said to have a narrow aorta which can be corrected only surgically. Other conditions include the Macrocephaly in which the child has abnormally large head which is caused due to internal bleeding in the skull. In some cases, even cysts are formed on the brain. On the other hand, Craniosyostosis occurs when the skull of the baby fails to fuse completely. This condition may even lead to serious and permanent cognitive and visual impairments.

Lexapro and Suicide

lexapro lawsuit

Moreover, quite contrary to its function, the anti-depressant is known to cause increased suicidal behaviors and thoughts. The people who consume it turn out to be more hostile, violent, short-tempered and irrational. Not only this, the patients suffering from coronary artery disease are prone to death due to consumption of Lexapro. The connection is still not known but this is seen in almost all cases of coronary artery disorder patients.

Finding the right Lawyer for your Lexapro Lawsuit

More and more people are fighting for their compensation for the harm caused by the intake of Lexapro. But you need not worry at all. If you are eligible to apply for compensation and you have valid medical reports, then you have greater chances of winning the case. Our Medical Injury lawyers have years of experience, and offer free consultations to see if you qualify. Our lawyers will file the lawsuit on your behalf .

Contact us today about qualifying for a Lexapro Lawsuit

Our lawyers have past records of successful MDL cases. The lawyers chosen for filing Lexapro Lawsuits should have the optimum knowledge and experience on what they are going to fight for along with enough legal resources.  Contact us today to see if you have a case for a Lexapro Lawsuit!


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